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What Makes us Different?

  1. We teach you how to control your pain without us – Stretches, ergonomics, avoiding certain activities, etc.  We get to the bottom of your problem and teach you how to avoid it.  Sure, empowering patients with the knowledge to control their own pain hurts our bottom line, but we hope they will refer their friends and think of us in the future.
  2. Length of Care Plans – You’ll never get a care plan that that is 3x per week for 6 months.  Our care plans are generally 12 visits and then a re-evaluation, with most patient’s able to control their own pain by the 6th or 7th visit.
  3. Techniques – There are plenty of chiropractors to choose from, but techniques vary and not everyone offers flexion distraction, thompson, hand’s-on adjustingactivator and pelvic blocking.
  4. More than just chiropractic adjustments – We offer soft tissue mobilization, whole food supplements, lab testing/bloodwork, weight loss, and stress management.
  5. Female Doctor available -  If a female doctor is your preference, you are welcome to schedule when my wife will be in the office.

 About Us

Bonnie and I are married and we currently have one daughter, Mariana.  Bonnie was born and raised in Fort Pierce, FL,  I have lived in Saint Lucie County since 2nd grade.

All patients are different and our techniques range from hands on to gentle instrument adjusting.  We try to match what a patient has had that worked in the past when possible.

We focus not only on the joints, but on the soft tissues surrounding the joints as well.  Scar tissue can limit motion severely, but we use soft tissue mobilization techniques to help restore normal range of motion and fuction to damaged musles, tendons, and ligaments.  This technique has worked very well for our patients that have injured their rotator cuff or other small muscles and ligaments.

We enjoy working on complex cases and don’t mind being stumped once in a while.  If you’re ready to work on your health, we are ready to help you in any way we can.  Schedule an appointment today.

Mission Statement

At Vigor Chiropractic & Wellness we help our patients achieve greater degrees of life, potential, function, and health utilizing proven methods of chiropractic care. We tailor care plans to each unique patient to include adjustments, nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and lifestyle changes.

We emphasize high quality professional care and strive to provide each patient with the time they need to understand their condition or health goal and answer any questions. Our goal is to improve each patient’s quality of life, health, and wellness through educating them on the benefits of chiropractic care and a wellness centered lifestyle.

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